Thank you Autumn!

For my dear friend, Miguel Ángel Vargas.

The scenes of those magic colors, like brush strokes on the canvas of nature, along with the silhouettes of the tree branches, and a carpet of dead leaves covering the path, gave us a spark of hope that day, after months of self-reclusion because of the terrible pandemic that engulfs the whole world. I have been absent from my blog for a while because of that. But here I am, with some sort of optimism, waiting for the end of the nightmare of Covid-19. But, I must say, there is another nightmare haunting my country, one that is characterized by anti-science, ostracism, racism, the spread of lies to feed ignorance and barbaric behaviors. Definitely I thank you Autumn very much for giving me, with your diversity of colors and beauty, a happy moment.

6 thoughts on “Thank you Autumn!”

  1. Beautiful images reflecting the most amazing colors of Autumn! I wish I was there sharing those moments with you. The pictures remind me of my days in Canada and the long walks at the park with Baxter.

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