A Lighthouse, a Bridge and a Storm.

George Washington Bridge, from Fort Washington Park, New York City. It is not the first time I take photos of the George Washington Bridge. But these ones have a very different mood and point of view. They were in my computer for a year, since the beginning of the pandemic here in New York City.… Continue reading A Lighthouse, a Bridge and a Storm.

Un faro, el puente y la tempestad.

George Washington Bridge, visto desde el Fort Washington Park, New York City. No es la primera vez que tomo fotografías al George Washington Bridge. Pero el punto de vista de estas capturas es muy diferente, incluso emocionalmente hablando. Las tomé hace un año, cuando la pandemia comenzaba a desplegar sus alas siniestras sobre la ciudad… Continue reading Un faro, el puente y la tempestad.

Manhattan Dark receives “Honorable Mention” at Neutral Density Photography Awards

I am pleased to announce that my photograph Manhattan Dark was awarded with Honorable Mention in Architecture: Cityscapes Category by the prestigious Neutral Density Photography Awards, which gathers thousands of photographers from around the world. I am honored to have my work included among the photographs that ND considered worthy of an Honorable Mention distinction. My congratulations to the… Continue reading Manhattan Dark receives “Honorable Mention” at Neutral Density Photography Awards

Before …

  I'm going to have surgery tomorrow. Though I am using my right hand to write this post now, I do not have the certainty that I would be able to write anytime soon. The worst part is that I am not sure when I will be able to take my cameras out to take… Continue reading Before …


One of the fascinating things about Winter season is that - following the dissapearence of leaves from the trees - a jungle of branches populate the city, drawing intricate shapes, beautiful and mysterious contours, woods that evoke elves, dwarfs, fairies, good and bad witches (it is up to you) or remnants of a far and… Continue reading Branches