I am glad you are here.

Does not matter if you have hit this blog accidentally or intentionally. Please take a look at the “About” page and then go enjoy the posts. I am showing here some pictures I have captured recently or in the past, that represents pieces of life, moments, memories, that I cherish. All of them involve places, situations, mood. I hope you could find something interesting to see, to read here, and to share. If so, I will be pleased.

Autumn in my Soul.

Autumn in my Soul.

It has been a while since the last time I uploaded some photos to the blog. I have been taking pictures since the last time I posted up my explorations in the New York summer of 2017. But sometimes, especially in the times we are currently living in this world, our spirit calls us for some kind of reclusion and we do not want to paint scenes as if nothing is happening.

I was reviewing some shots I took a week ago when the leaves of the autumm were still hanging on the trees. Today, while walking my dog through the paths of Highbridge Park, I saw the same trees, barely dressed with a few leaves or simply wiped clean. Yes, it’s fall, and it’s life and death, up and down, happiness and sadness, hope and desolation.

I decided to accept the offer of my spirit today, and celebrate my visions of this season in my blog. It’s just a gesture, an optimistic one, of sharing what I see, the way I feel the final moments of those leaves on this beautiful world that we, humans, are fixed on destroying.

Mobile Photography: New York Series 3 (How about you)

Battery Park City, NYC

I like New York in June, How about you? I like a Gershwin tune, How about you? ”

Battery Park City, NYC


These photos were taken in June and as we were walking the promenade at Battery Park almost at the sunset, you could feel the music in the air and love in the colors of the sky blended with the ocean, while the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island silhouetted the horizon. Behind us the city was fast-paced, vibrant, like two cities confronted, like a magic mirror that reflects the opposite: modern lines, architectural challenges, geometric shapes into a white limbo; the calm path of the bricks, bordering the ocean with a sea aspect or a sea with the face of the brave ocean, and the lampposts along the way…

At one side, just a few feet away, the skyscrapers rise with haughtiness, seeing a seafront walk, inviting us to live this very moment in this June of New York.




Only a couple of weeks ago we had been enjoying a Concert in the Park, at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, with the Philharmonic of New York playing Gershwin (among others). Yes, we like New York in June, How about you?

Mobile Photography: New York series 2 (White Central Park)


I hurry my pace to get there before the sunset. Besides the fact that I was late, I missed the stop to transfer to local trains, so I missed my station. Fortunately the place  was still lively – as usual – with kids and adults enjoying a white Central Park. Soft hills dressed in snow, inviting to play on the winter face of this soul of the city.

Only my phone with me. Right now my cameras are far from here, in another city, waiting to come to live with me in NY.

The light was not as good as I would have liked, but I took a few scenes and squeezed out some brightness so they would not go so insipid and reflect more what my eyes saw and felt. To one of them I have given a special tone because I like it. I hope you do too.

Mobile Photography: New York series 1

Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge

The biggest advantage of mobile photography is to have the ability to capture almost anything we want, almost at any time. Besides the fact that mobile phones have become a tool to denounce, attest to events, spread facts (or lies), it is a fantastic camera to take beautiful images, our vision of a particular scene, and sometimes make some kind of art.

The photos in this post were taking using an iPhone SE. I usually post-process using Capture One and the good old Nik Color Efex Pro 4, applying my own recipes created after thoroughly blending and combining filters, effects, and a variety of adjustments.

Obviously, mobile photography has serious limitations. For example, I never took

pictures in JPEG format, always in RAW, which is not available (for now) in the mobile phones. The size, dynamic range, and such, establish limits to your final creation and sometimes you feel a little bit frustrated. But there is more satisfaction than regrets.

I am starting this mobile photography series with some pictures of my walks on my hometown city now: New York. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Autumn in Prospect Park

Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Prospect Park, Brooklyn

That evening was cold. Upon my first contact with Prospect Park in Brooklyn I knew, felt, a different impression to the one I perceived at Central Park. Call it “intimacy”. Maybe it was the colors, or the narrow paths, sinously drawn, through the carpet of dsc_9500leaves. But let me tell you that I fell in love with its personality, its way to uncertainty. Autumn in Prospect Park is a enjoyable experience of reds, yellows, oranges, and introspection. That evening was cold but I forgot about it almost immediately, as I walked and took pictures at Prospect Park.dsc_9497