Clank in the morning

There were sounds, so gentle, so quiet, too close to the sound of silence. Some barking dog over there, maybe a solitary noise of a motor, far away, diminishing every minute, until its dissipation in the air, as a pale color on a canvas, turning almost white.

The night progressed slowly, charged by dark hues in those skies of that little cozy house, at the mountain. Then, when the morning stepped up its timid entrance, we heard “clank, clank, clank”, once and again, almost for the rest of the day.

But do not think it was bothering us. On the contrary, the clank was part of the air, like a signature of the place, besides the green, and the apple trees.

A couple of wonderful horses, one of them with a cowbell, ran toward us every time they saw our proximity, to check – if possible – our hands, searching for carrots.

This is one of them, portrait of those magical mountains, free, wild and indomitable.


Board in red

DSC_8363 1 copy
Board in red, Asturias, Spain.

Asturias again. I have a lot of images waiting for post processing, but I have been immersed in some important changes for my family’s future, changes that are going to offer a new scope to my photography passion for sure. But, I can’t say anything more. However, tonight – revisiting my catalog of raw pictures – I found this one that I worked on. I remembered the impression left on my mind when this red blackboard, simply red, announcing delicious local, traditional foods, appeared in our way. It was love at first sight. The red spot at the wall is the very expression of the free spirit reigning on those domains. It deserves a black and white scene, doesn’t it?

Streets of Asturias (Part two)

Cities for walking, that was my definitive impression about Oviedo, Llanes, Avilés, Gijón, in Asturias. I felt enchanted by those scenarios, well prepared for human activity and pleasure. There was a cafe here, a beautiful square over there; a small restaurant in a corner, one sculpture beyond, and surrounding everything, windows, doors, stone walls, from the past to the present; some from the Middle Age, telling us stories, passions, suffering or glorious days. I walked fascinated, feeling the sky and the ground at the same time. But, above all: authenticity. Truth and magic in the same bag.