A Lighthouse, a Bridge and a Storm.

George Washington Bridge, from Fort Washington Park, New York City.

It is not the first time I take photos of the George Washington Bridge. But these ones have a very different mood and point of view. They were in my computer for a year, since the beginning of the pandemic here in New York City. The night before, we were certain that the city would be on a lockdown soon, we were certain that a terrible nightmare was looming all over the world, so we decided to take a long walk -maybe the last one for a long time- and our destination was Fort Washington Park, very close to our home.

The gigantic structures of the bridge looked formidable, beautiful, accompanied by a splendid sunny day. There, under the bridge, very close to one of the colossal columns was a little lighthouse, a small and cute red lighthouse that appeared as a sentinel, guarding the shore at this side of the Hudson River. The story of that Little Red Lighthouse -as it’s known- is very peculiar: built in 1889 at Sandy Hook, New Jersey and moved to its current location in Manhattan in 1921, it was condemned to be dismantled few years after the opening of the George Washington Bridge. But the structure had become famous among the locals, especially among the children, because of a book: The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge. The outcry stopped the sad fate for the lighthouse, which stands at the same spot since then, under the Great Gray Bridge.

I thought it was a symbol: perseverance through hard times, hope and light during the darkness of a terrible storm.

I know, where is the color? I promise I will show you all its color face when the right time arrives, after the storm.

More about:

The Little Red Lighthouse,

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3 thoughts on “A Lighthouse, a Bridge and a Storm.”

  1. Great pictures and even more wonderful storyline. I don’t know what is it about Lighthouses that I found so mysterious and fascinating. Maybe it’s the story behind it or just the magic I think surrounds such of historical places. Keep posting!

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  2. Such eloquent writing. I really appreciate the optimistic tone to your storytelling, it enhances the photos even more. And the photos itself are beautiful! You always seem to capture NYC in such an honest and captivating light. Thanks for the post, keep em coming!

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  3. I see so much strength in the colors that you captured bringing the mood of these tough times a shining light from meaningful structures. Your story is beautifully written and delights the heart. Thank you Emilio for sharing your art!

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