A walk in black and white

To Charlotte, who shared with us this part of her life…

The day after Thanksgiving we went to walk around a lovely park that was in the neighborhood. The time was cold, the floor was covered by a mantle of leaves, and the colors of fall were vanishing because an early winter weather hit the Northeast. But it was beautiful. Even though the light was diminishing fast, I was carrying my new camera, a FujiFilm X-T20, to try some captures in manual mode, without a tripod.

As we walked, I imagined those scenes in black and white, to give some drama to the ambience, and to convey the textures and beauty of that forest.

A walk in black and white, through a forest in the middle of the neighborhood, a small gem in Silver Spring, Maryland.


4 thoughts on “A walk in black and white”

  1. Hola Emilio! Gracias por compartir con nosotros esas linduras de paisajes y los modelos quedaron bellos, con ropa apropiada para la temporada. Cariños a todos. Un gran abrazo.!

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