Mobile Photography: New York Series 3 (How about you)

Battery Park City, NYC

I like New York in June, How about you? I like a Gershwin tune, How about you? ”

Battery Park City, NYC


These photos were taken in June and as we were walking the promenade at Battery Park almost at the sunset, you could feel the music in the air and love in the colors of the sky blended with the ocean, while the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island silhouetted the horizon. Behind us the city was fast-paced, vibrant, like two cities confronted, like a magic mirror that reflects the opposite: modern lines, architectural challenges, geometric shapes into a white limbo; the calm path of the bricks, bordering the ocean with a sea aspect or a sea with the face of the brave ocean, and the lampposts along the way…

At one side, just a few feet away, the skyscrapers rise with haughtiness, seeing a seafront walk, inviting us to live this very moment in this June of New York.




Only a couple of weeks ago we had been enjoying a Concert in the Park, at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, with the Philharmonic of New York playing Gershwin (among others). Yes, we like New York in June, How about you?

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