Mobile Photography: New York series 1

Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge

The biggest advantage of mobile photography is to have the ability to capture almost anything we want, almost at any time. Besides the fact that mobile phones have become a tool to denounce, attest to events, spread facts (or lies), it is a fantastic camera to take beautiful images, our vision of a particular scene, and sometimes make some kind of art.

The photos in this post were taking using an iPhone SE. I usually post-process using Capture One and the good old Nik Color Efex Pro 4, applying my own recipes created after thoroughly blending and combining filters, effects, and a variety of adjustments.

Obviously, mobile photography has serious limitations. For example, I never took

pictures in JPEG format, always in RAW, which is not available (for now) in the mobile phones. The size, dynamic range, and such, establish limits to your final creation and sometimes you feel a little bit frustrated. But there is more satisfaction than regrets.

I am starting this mobile photography series with some pictures of my walks on my hometown city now: New York. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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