Autumn in my Soul.

Autumn in my Soul.

It has been a while since the last time I uploaded some photos to the blog. I have been taking pictures since the last time I posted up my explorations in the New York summer of 2017. But sometimes, especially in the times we are currently living in this world, our spirit calls us for some kind of reclusion and we do not want to paint scenes as if nothing is happening.

I was reviewing some shots I took a week ago when the leaves of the autumm were still hanging on the trees. Today, while walking my dog through the paths of Highbridge Park, I saw the same trees, barely dressed with a few leaves or simply wiped clean. Yes, it’s fall, and it’s life and death, up and down, happiness and sadness, hope and desolation.

I decided to accept the offer of my spirit today, and celebrate my visions of this season in my blog. It’s just a gesture, an optimistic one, of sharing what I see, the way I feel the final moments of those leaves on this beautiful world that we, humans, are fixed on destroying.

4 thoughts on “Autumn in my Soul.”

  1. Me encanta el otoño. No se como vivimos tanto tiempo sin conocer lo hermoso, impactante y a la vez desesperanzador que puede ser. Esos colores, esos contrastes, el recordatorio de que la vida progresa, el tiempo pasa, las cosas cambian… el frio vendra pero asi tambien el calor. No todo dura para siempre. Con lo bueno y lo malo, es mejor disfrutar el ahora, mientras este aqui.
    De mas esta decir que las fotos estan espectaculares.

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