Sunday evening at Blanchard Park

We went to Blanchard Park. Last Sunday my wife, "invited" me to go outside, after a week a little bit stressful. She had already planned the route toward one of those wide and wild parks that populate Florida. Besides, we could take our dog Ronny with us, because the place is pet-friendly. I selected this… Continue reading Sunday evening at Blanchard Park

My ferocious dog

I have a lot of photos from Asturias. I am still working on them. The post-processing takes some time in my case, but I am definitely enjoying . Meanwhile let me introduce my dog Ronny. He is a Harrier. Some people define that breed as a "Beagle with steroids". To be honest this photo does… Continue reading My ferocious dog

Mountains. On the way to Medieval Town (Bandujo)

My first post is dedicated to mountains. I have had the fortune to do a trip to Asturias (Northern Spain) almost two months ago. With two friends living there, in a very cozy place into the greenish heart of the province, was not difficult at all to get into the ambiance and the mood of a passionate people,… Continue reading Mountains. On the way to Medieval Town (Bandujo)