My ferocious dog

My dog Ronny.
My dog Ronny.

I have a lot of photos from Asturias. I am still working on them. The post-processing takes some time in my case, but I am definitely enjoying . Meanwhile let me introduce my dog Ronny. He is a Harrier. Some people define that breed as a “Beagle with steroids”. To be honest this photo does not make justice to him, because he is a people-oriented and animal-friendly dude. Biting and growling are not part of his abilities. So, why is he  appearing almost devouring the “poor” duck in this photo? Because when he is feeling happy on a field, he runs toward every animal saying: Hey, I want a play with you!

I think the photo in black and white is better than the color one. Even though it is not a tack sharp picture I like it so much.

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