Ribadesella Blue

Ribadesella, Asturias. Spain
Ribadesella, Asturias. Spain

That was a beautiful and interesting day on my vacation trip to Asturias. We went to see the impressive Paleolithic art preserved in Tito Bustillos cave. The feeling into the cold and humid galleries was overwhelming. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors used the walls at the interiors of the caverns to left their “footprint”. We humans have traveled a long way (just a small step in cosmic scale) since then. I did not see some figures, but I was standing there with humility and admiration. Today we are capable to take a close look to Pluto and at the same time we are capable to destroy ourselves. I felt a mixture of love and sadness.

However the blue of this sky and this ocean, just around the corner of the cave, made me feel alive. A fresh breeze touched my face, and from a point on top of a hill, close to a singular restaurant I took this photo. Ribadesella, what a place!

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