Mountains. On the way to Medieval Town (Bandujo)

Mountains in the way to Bandujo, Asturias
Mountains on the way to Bandujo, Asturias

My first post is dedicated to mountains. I have had the fortune to do a trip to Asturias (Northern Spain) almost two months ago. With two friends living there, in a very cozy place into the greenish heart of the province, was not difficult at all to get into the ambiance and the mood of a passionate people, whose open arms, smile, and their love of nature, make a simply perfect combination with all those mountains surround that part of Spain.

Some day we went to visit Bandujo, a medieval village, in the heart of the Asturias. In a moment, while our car climbed the sinuous path toward the place, I looked the scene through the window. Mountains, mountains, mountains. I am a mountain lover, and I got this memory for myself. Every time I see this picture I take a deep breath and let my soul wandering in a momentary rapture of happiness.

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