Thank you Autumn!

For my dear friend, Miguel Ángel Vargas. The scenes of those magic colors, like brush strokes on the canvas of nature, along with the silhouettes of the tree branches, and a carpet of dead leaves covering the path, gave us a spark of hope that day, after months of self-reclusion because of the terrible pandemic… Continue reading Thank you Autumn!

Gracias Otoño!

Para mi amigo del alma, Miguel Ángel Vargas. Nuestra primera salida en meses. Una oportunidad para revivir cierta esperanza en medio de esta pandemia. Por un momento, la visión de la montaña, con sus caminos poblados de hojas muertas y los colores del otoño abrazando el follaje, despidiendo una etapa, nos hicieron olvidar el momento… Continue reading Gracias Otoño!


One of the fascinating things about Winter season is that - following the dissapearence of leaves from the trees - a jungle of branches populate the city, drawing intricate shapes, beautiful and mysterious contours, woods that evoke elves, dwarfs, fairies, good and bad witches (it is up to you) or remnants of a far and… Continue reading Branches