A lighthouse at the Sunset (Cabo de Peñas)

That evening the golden light caught us at the northernmost point of Spain: Cabo de Peñas. Slowly, the blue sky was giving way to more reddish hues, almost tinting the air. I saw the lighthouse, and the big house, surrounded by a dry, rare mulch. Vigilant, the tower was in a silent contemplative pose in… Continue reading A lighthouse at the Sunset (Cabo de Peñas)

Streets of Asturias

Oviedo is Delicious, Exotic, Beautiful, Clean, Pleasant, Peaceful, and Kind to Pedestrians. It's as if it doesn't belong to this world, as if it could not possibly exist ... Oviedo is like a Fairy Tale" Woody Allen I just post processed some of the photographs I took in my trip to Asturias. I should clarify… Continue reading Streets of Asturias

Ribadesella Blue

That was a beautiful and interesting day on my vacation trip to Asturias. We went to see the impressive Paleolithic art preserved in Tito Bustillos cave. The feeling into the cold and humid galleries was overwhelming. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors used the walls at the interiors of the caverns to left their "footprint".… Continue reading Ribadesella Blue

Mountains. On the way to Medieval Town (Bandujo)

My first post is dedicated to mountains. I have had the fortune to do a trip to Asturias (Northern Spain) almost two months ago. With two friends living there, in a very cozy place into the greenish heart of the province, was not difficult at all to get into the ambiance and the mood of a passionate people,… Continue reading Mountains. On the way to Medieval Town (Bandujo)