A lighthouse at the Sunset (Cabo de Peñas)

Cabo de Peñas' Lighthouse
Cabo de Peñas’ Lighthouse

That evening the golden light caught us at the northernmost point of Spain: Cabo de Peñas. Slowly, the blue sky was giving way to more reddish hues, almost tinting the air. I saw the lighthouse, and the big house, surrounded by a dry, rare mulch.

Vigilant, the tower was in a silent contemplative pose in front of the deep blue of the Cantabric Sea. The Sun was running to his set, giving to us a marvelous gift. “This is for you my friends. Maybe it is going to be the only time you are going to have this privilege, Carpe Diem”. Then I turned around my head and took a shot of the lighthouse. This is my testimony of that magical moment.

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