Ortiz Guinand Photography, my new portfolio.

Emilio Ortiz Guinand Photography

It has been a while since my last post, on March 26th. As I announced in that note, I would undergo surgery on my right shoulder after an incident caused tearing of various tendons and muscles, affecting my ability to rotate and rise my arm or even hold a camera. I got the operation done and started a long and uncomfortable period of therapy and recovery. On that last post, I mentioned the possibility of creating a photography website with some of my photographs in a portfolio-like fashion. So, after going through several sessions of physical therapy, and getting back a good range of mobility in my arm, I began to work on that project. I consider it now ready, although I will probably be adding some pictures soon. You can now visit Emilio Ortiz Guinand Photography at  http://ortizguinandphotography.com or simply click on the “Portfolio” item of this blog’s menu.  I am really excited with this new site, which is part of the larger project that drove me to start this blog. I invite you all to visit it and hope you enjoy looking at my work and my way to present it. Thank you in advance.

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