20150813_191108 copyWhen I was twenty five I bought a Zenit camera, made in the former USSR. Since my weakest point has always been the inability to make money, the low price for that gear hooked me up. I took some beautiful images with my SLR – portraits, landscapes – and doing so I was learning some basics of photography. I liked my camera so much, but other things caught me passionately and taking photos became more and more an occasional hobby. Thirty years later, I was diagnosed with an incurable illness that affects my central vision: Macular Dystrophy (no, it is not the same as macular degeneration). This rare genetic disorder impairs my ability to see clearly, even with glasses. Light, especially sunlight, prevents me from perceiving details, contours, forms. I can’t read books or subtitles on movies anymore. Some colors appear different and changed (light gray – light green – some blues – and dark reds). It is very difficult for me to identify a red light in a street corner at least till nighttime (not in summer!) when sun has set. But (fortunately there is a “but”) I can see objects better with no direct sunlight over; I can read (slowly) electronic books with black background; I can use computers (a very important thing in my personal and professional life), I can even drive at night.
At the beginning I was in shock, but soon I realized I still have the possibility to see the world around me: my beloved wife and sons, my family and friends, my entire surroundings. Using my memory, my peripheral vision, taking care of my eyes and keeping them from direct sunlight, taking advantage of shadows and golden hours and of course using technology, I am feeling as a normal guy. The bad news about my eyes led me to the conclusion that I got one last round to see and capture the world. I remembered my Zenit (I still have it and take film pictures with it), and my oldest son gave me a Nikon 3000 and I started to take pictures in a different way, letting my mind go and letting my sight create, compose, and capture images, situations, beauty. So I am in love with photography again. I like the stories that every photo has behind and itself.
That is what this blog is about. I do like more the intimacy of a blog than the globalist, impersonal, and massive sites with too many easy “likes” and fewer interesting comments, so I am not an enthusiast for doing a hard “social-networking” job to gain popularity through “likes” or “stars.”  I prefer at least one line of a comment, because generally that means one person takes some time rummaging through the post, and probably considers it deserves feedback.
I hope you will find something interesting in this blog, and if so, please leave a line.

My digital cameras at the present are a Nikon D90, a good old gear, and a FujiFilm X-T20.

I have three analogue cameras (film): Mamiya 645 Super (medium format); Zenit EM (35mm); Canon Canonet QL17 GIII (rangefinder – 35mm)

Thank you.

Some things about me:

  • I was born in Caracas, Venezuela.
  • I have been married with my beautiful Morella for 40 years. I adore her.
  • We live in New York City.
  • We have two wonderful sons.
  • I am a Linux Administrator and have supported Linux and open source since 1996.
  • I have had a blog in Spanish – http://extempforaneo.net/wordpress –  for more than 13 years, using WordPress.
  • I Love blues, jazz, classic rock, salsa, poetry, science fiction, literature.
  • I was an amateur astronomer.
  • I still love film (analogue photography).
  • I have an inclination for landscapes, streets and urban photography.
  • I am learning photography every single day. I am an amateur.
  • I would like to have at least two very good lenses and a very good telescope!

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Being the one I love most, my appreciation might sound subjective, partial … One might exclaim, “Yeah, right!” Nevertheless, I am known for being sincere, especially when it comes to art. You have taken great photos throughout life. Those belonging to the past were wonderful because you strived to capture what touched you, the essence of significant moments. These last, to call in some way “of the second stage”, adhered to your previous approach are the expression of an original, meaningful, and vibrant photography. Above all, what I want to emphasize is that your photos today, the journey is driving this blog, involves identity, your identity.

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    1. It wouldn’t be possible without you. Every day and night, every single moment, I always have had your support, your words, encouraging me to follow my passions and dreams. You and our kids are the spark of my life. I love you.


  2. También me ha gustado las fotografías que toma y publica Emilio. Siempre estoy pendiente de sus gráficas y las disfruto.

    I also liked taking photographs and publishes Emilio. I’m always aware of your graphics and enjoy it.

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  3. I’ve always admired you ability to overcome obstacles throughout your life. Not matter how much you struggle you always find a way to fight back and accomplish what you want. Loosing part of your vision and then making this new blog is another proof of what you’re capable of regardless any limitation you may have. I wish I have the same ability to fight for the things I love and to follow the things I’m passionate about. Thank you for always sharing your most precious moments with the rest of us and congratulations on this new adventure!

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    1. I really appreciate your words. Sometimes when I am sitting with the screen at front of my face, exploring the pictures, their colors, brightness, contrast, scene and so many details involving the post-processing, I need to almost hit my face against the monitor. Occasionally I get into despair, rub my eyes to try to see a “clean” and vivid image, but it is useless. In that moments I feel like a stupid, trying to confront the adversity. Those words – as that you wrote out in your comment – encourage me to continue toward the next day, weeks or months. When I feel the love of my family, the truly friends, or even the people that are only passing by and leave a stimulant line, I feel as reviving myself and with my face too close of the screen and a smile, I enjoy, and love my photo work. Thank you.


  4. Muy Bueno el sitio Emilio. Uso varias computadoras en mi vida y la mayoria de ellas tienen tus fotos de background. Espero algun dia ver una galleria de arte con tus fotografias. 🙂

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