Cameras and love


Back in 1980 I bought a 35mm film SLR camera from a friend. It had been barely used, just a couple times, maybe three. It was a Zenit EM made in the former Soviet Union. The model was designed to commemorate the Olympic Games in Moscow that year. My very first 35mm camera opened the world of photography to me. Three years later my wife and I were living in Venezuela’s southern region and decided to enjoy my vacation time in Caracas, my hometown. We were exhausted after multiple attempts to create a child without success, so the doctor recommended to give the treatment a break, and just “relax” and “enjoy”. I remember that day well. After we made love my wife went to the restroom and I took the camera. I saw her beautiful face on the mirror and pressed the shutter a couple times. At that time, we did not know that she was already pregnant with our first son.

32 years later we were enjoying a blues concert by John Mayall, in Mount Dora, Florida. I took some pictures with my Nikon D90, but I also got the opportunity to shoot some photos with the same Zenit EM that I used in the past, with a Mamiya-Sekor 200mm Prime lens. At the time this post is published we are celebrating 40 years together. I like to see the images of our past and present love, and her beauty captured in the unique texture of film. Two moments in time, one love, one camera.

Note about the pictures: I lost the negatives in a flood, the images from 1983 were scanned from deteriorated hard copies.


2 thoughts on “Cameras and love”

  1. I have been a witness of this union built through those years with respect, tolerance, understanding and love as few know. Celebrate today and the next many more that will always show the power that lies in love.

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